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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is an animated feature film starring characters resembling the main cast of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic in human form. Princess Twilight Sparkle's crown (The Element of Magic) was stolen by Sunset Shimmer, who disappears into a mirror that leads into another world. Twilight went through the mirror to chase after the culprit to retrieve her crown. Without her crown, all the other Elements of Harmony will have no power to protect Equestria. Twilight and Spike traveled through the mirror and into the new world where Twilight is a human and Spike as a dog ( though he can still talk).

mlp equestria girls full film

mlp equestria girls full film

my little pony equestria girls 2013

When they went to school, they found friends that resemble their friends in Equestria. Twilight works with her friends to become Princess of the Fall Formal to win her crown back from the human Sunset Shimmer and to "change the destiny of these two parallel worlds." You don't have to wait to see this film! Just click watch button below, complete a quick offer and watch for FREE!

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